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SDS® 5th Edition

Self-Directed Search®, 5th Edition

John L. Holland, PhD, and Melissa A. Messer, MHS

Assesses career interests
Paper and pencil, Online administration and scoring via PARiConnect
Age range:
11 years to 70 years
25-35 minutes
Qualification level:
No special qualifications are required, although the range of products eligible for purchase is limited. Close

Administer and Score Online the Gold Standard of Career Search Tests


The fifth edition of the SDS is designed to help clients learn about themselves and their career options. This version allow for English administration via PARiConnect and Spanish administration in pencil and paper.

In 2017, the SDS Form R, 5th Edition was renamed the Standard SDS and given a new look and feel. The Occupations Finder (OF) and Educational Opportunities Finder (EOF) were updated, and workbooks were revised. However, no items were changed or added, so the two versions can be used equally and interchangeably.

Available in Spanish

The SDS Form R, 5th Edition Spanish version was designed specifically for Spanish-speaking individuals living in the U.S. A Spanish kit, which includes an English-language manual, and English-language Spanish version manual supplement, 25 Spanish Assessment Booklets, 25 Spanish Occupations Finders, and 25 You and Your Career Booklets. Spanish forms are also available. These products use English norms only. 

A revised online version of the SDS is also available. Users receive one of three types of interactive, customized reports (StandardSDS, StudentSDS, or VeteranSDS) based on their demographic information and job history. Visit the SDS website for more information.

The following SDS Form R, 5th Edition, formats and materials are still available:

  • PARiConnect
  • Veterans and Military Occupations Finder (see "Pricing")


To find a great career, students need a solid career plan—watch our video to see why!