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Your students will always need your help with various challenges, including behavioral, mental, social–emotional, interpersonal, adjustment, and learning difficulties.

You are uniquely qualified to support students’ ability to learn—
so they can go on to live fulfilling lives.

PAR offers many solutions to assist you and your students during the school year.

NEW! The first comprehensive instrument measuring how stress and trauma impact children in a school-based setting from the teacher's perspective

The FAR helps you determine the examinee's specific subtype of dyslexia to inform decisions about appropriate interventions

NEW! The FAR Screening Form Remote quickly identifies children at risk for developmental dyslexia—even from a distance

Examines the underlying neurodevelopmental processes that support proficient math skills 
Screening Form also available

Assesses written language skills to help diagnose written language disorders 
Screening Form also available

Allows you to assess
intelligence remotely

Allows you to screen for
intelligence remotely

Helps identify possible
child victims of trauma (ages 8-17 years)

Helps identify possible
child victims of trauma (ages 3-12 years)

Uses BRIEF2 scores to predict
likelihood of ADHD

Screens for depressive symptoms
in adolescents

Screens for depressive symptoms
in children in Grades 2-6

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