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FACT Teacher Form

Feifer Assessment of Childhood Trauma: Teacher Form

Steven G. Feifer, DEd

Measures, from an educator’s perspective, how stress and trauma impact children in a school-based setting
E-Manual, Online administration and scoring via PARiConnect
Age range:
4 years to 18 years
10 minutes
Qualification level:
A degree from an accredited 4-year college or university in psychology, counseling, speech-language pathology, or a closely related field plus satisfactory completion of coursework in test interpretation, psychometrics and measurement theory, educational statistics, or a closely related area; or license or certification from an agency that requires appropriate training and experience in the ethical and competent use of psychological tests. Close

In Only 10 Minutes, Measure How Stress and Trauma Are Impacting Your Student's Academics, Behaviors, Emotions, and Physiologic Functioning


The first comprehensive instrument measuring how stress and trauma impact children in a school-based setting from the teacher’s perspective. The FACT Teacher Form allows school psychologists to formulate targeted interventions that better meet students' needs. Use to develop 504 recommendations, IEP accomodations, and to screen children within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) delivery model.


Features and benefits

  • Quantifies the impact of traumatic experiences on school-based functioning, rather than the source, in order to help you generate specific interventions.
  • Completed by a classroom teacher or other educator familiar with the student’s typical behavior and day-to-day functioning.
  • Evaluates both academic functioning and resiliency in the same measure.
  • Demonstrates strong evidence of reliability and validity.
  • Four clinical scales (Behavior, Emotional, Physiological, Academic), one index (Trauma Index), and a supplemental Resiliency scale paint a broad picture of students’ functioning. Two validity scales are also provided.
  • Critical items are included to help identify children who may need immediate follow-up or intervention.
  • Designed for use by educational diagnosticians, school counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, community mental health providers, school administrators, and pediatricians.
  • Administered exclusively through PARiConnect. 
  • An e-Manual provides detailed administration and scoring instructions, along with psychometric data and rationale for publishing.
  • This edition can be used immediately by teachers while development of the full instrument, which will include a Parent Form and Self-Report Form, is ongoing.
  • Developed by noted school psychologist and educational neuropsychologist Steven G. Feifer, DEd.