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Melissa Milanak

Melissa E. Milanak, PhD

Clinical Assessment Advisor—National Accounts





You’re dedicated to helping others. Let us support you.

Your time is valuable. Your resources are limited. How can you do more—and help more people—within the boundaries of the clinical or educational system you’re working in?

PAR Healthcare is here to support you. Whether you’re conducting research, treating patients, responsible for assessment outcomes, or teaching students, you’ll benefit from the targeted solutions we can provide.

We do the work for you!

  • Customized assessment batteries focused on your practice needs
  • Free training on new instruments (that can also be used in your curriculum)
  • Materials and information to help support you with grant and manuscript preparation
  • New perspectives to improve patient care outcomes
  • Prewritten short paragraphs of psychometric data on select PAR products

Explore our specific services using the buttons above. When you’re ready, contact Melissa E. Milanak, PhD, to learn more about how we can support you!


Improve your patients’ outcomes by using the best assessment tools available

Choosing assessment instruments for clinical practice can be difficult. Your budgets are limited, options are never-ending, and laws and regulations are constantly changing—even more so now because of the pandemic.

  • PAR Healthcare will help you build customized, cost-effective, and timesaving assessment batteries for clinical care best practices—including instruments for your Spanish-speaking clients.
  • No time to learn a new instrument? The PAR Training Portal is a free resource that provides everything you need to get up to speed at your convenience—on your own time and schedule.
  • Not sure how to maintain test integrity when administering digitally? Have questions about insurance? We’ll help clarify policies on equivalency and can discuss recent changes in telemedicine legislation, administration, and insurance that affect assessment use.

Contact Melissa E. Milanak, PhD, to learn more about how we can support you as you integrate assessment instruments into your practice.


Give your students a leg up—train them with the best assessment instruments

It’s crucial to educate your students on the realities in the field of assessment and give them a foundation they’ll use again and again in their careers. When they learn and use validated, reliable, fully standardized instruments, they’ll enter the field with the knowledge they need to provide the highest standard of care to their own patients and conduct reliable, impactful research.

  • Introduce a new generation of technology-savvy students to the world of digital assessment. Our online assessment platform, PARiConnect, offers more than 100 instruments for digital administration and scoring—including several performance-based tests.
  • PAR’s Training Portal is available to you at no cost and includes comprehensive training materials for your students—so you don’t need to build a curriculum from scratch. Courses provide in-depth information on administration, rationale for development, and psychometrics.
  • PAR’s University Partnership Program (UPP) is a concierge service that offers dedicated assistance to you and your students as they pursue advanced degrees—so you can spend more time investing in your students. Plus, you’ll get a 40% discount on products used for training.

Contact Melissa E. Milanak, PhD, to learn more about how we can enhance your curriculum and give your students everything they need to succeed.


Need to conduct research? Simplify the process and strengthen your proposals

Research is a part of your job, and we want to make it easier for you. 

  • Do you know how to parlay your clinical work into better, easier research?
  • Is it challenging to secure the right resources for studies you’re conducting?
  • Are you ready to start a new study but don’t know which assessment tools are best?
  • Need assessment write ups for your manuscript or grant application?

PAR Healthcare can be your partner in supplying the right measures for your research—from publishing papers to writing grants—so you can strengthen your proposals using high-caliber instruments and potentially attract more funding for your program. We provide researchers with a substantial discount on products.

Our online assessment system, PARiConnect, offers many opportunities to enhance your research. Expand your subject numbers, reduce attrition, and reduce human entry errors during data collection—and simplify scoring and analysis—by using PARiConnect’s data export options to quickly set up the right database for your project.

PAR’s Data Program invites clinicians, research, and other professionals to partner with PAR to advance the breadth and scope of solutions we are able to provide across a wide range of populations, with a focus on underserved populations—including Spanish-speaking populations.

Contact Melissa E. Milanak, PhD, to learn more about how we can streamline your research projects and help you save time and money.

Learn more about how PAR can help you:

  • develop efficient research batteries
  • reach a larger subject pool
  • expand your geographical reach
  • reduce the risk of missing data


PAR Talks

PAR Talks

We offer complimentary webinars and continuing education through a variety of sessions relevant to the field of psychological assessment and practice. See our upcoming webinars and register!
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PAR Training Portal

PAR Training Portal

Get training that you can incorporate into your curriculum or use for didactic teaching via the PAR Training Portal. Each online training session provides administration and scoring guidance for a PAR product, along with development and normative information.
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The most reliable online assessment platform in the industry, PARiConnect allows you to administer tests and run reports digitally—helping you work more efficiently and more safely. It’s HIPAA-compliant and can be used on a variety of devices and browsers.
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